The extent of socialization by mass media today is unprecedented. The dawn of social networking has had far reaching effects in influencing the evolution of gender roles. Due to the dynamic nature of the society, we have continually accepted and embraced divergent roles along the lines of social media ideology. The internet has provided a fast and effective means of disseminating certain norms, values and ideologies.

Likewise, school is an equally influential socialization agent. Many of us meet people from divergent cultural backgrounds and interact with them at a personal level. This way, we assimilate a particular blend of cultures, which in turn influence the emergences of gender role reversal and (or) diversity. This is often occasioned by peer influence. The influence of one’s peers is significant enough to cultivate tolerance for certain social and behavioral norms. People prefer to assimilate the gender roles that their peers hold in the highest esteem as opposed to the designated roles in their respective cultures. For instance, a working woman may appeal more to her peers compared to a housewife.

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