Sample Essay

In the case of broadband lines, many people share the same medium of data transfer making it highly exposed to hackers. Similarly the satellite based communication that supports the wireless networks is open to third party intruders who have the technical know how of developing and demolishing firewalls. Business, especially those which share large public spaces with their private networks have put in protectionism policies and measures to prevent unauthorized people form accessing the sensitive data and controlling the network.

“In retail stores, for instance, a WLAN network could be deployed in the storage room so the staff could use wireless devices to update the inventory. The deployment would be limited to this room and would consist of two or three access points directly connected to the LAN in a distributed architecture. The management would be separated and the information exchanged wirelessly would not contain confidential information. Several vendors have introduced centralized architectures based on WLAN access points and a WLAN security switch” (Klassen 2004).

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