Sample Essay

By the 1930s the evolution of mainstream feminism and sexism had not yet set in this means that women in general and black women in particular were faced by many problems of subordination and having them being looked upon as sexual objects. In the novel ‘color purple’ walker tries to show us how these women tried their best to overcome these cultural norms, male domination and subordination.

Rose Weitz has also tried to elaborate this. In “women and their hair” Weitz shows how women can use the available norms and probable cultural norms to gain power in society. In ‘color purple’,Walkerhas also shown How Sofia was able to stand firm and stood up to her Husband Harpo. Later on we are shown that the two later reconciled.  In respect to this Weitz claims that one of the best ways of addressing this issue of subordination is by evaluating actions that are taken to avoid it (Davies, 1995). Although the book is set in the 1930s it is clear that walker had witnessed the Jim Crow laws and even seen them abolished by the time she wrote ‘color purple’ in 1982. That is why in the book she supports actions that should go ahead and criticize the ideas that contribute to subordination and prejudice against black women.

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