Sample Essay  

The trading is permissible in Qur’an, Sunnah and Ijma’ah. First of all, the evidence from the Qur’an where Almighty Allah says in Sura Albakrah verse 275 “Allah has allowed trade”. And in Sura Albakrah verse 282 “when you are making trade it must to be there witnesses”. In the second place, the evidences from the Sunnah, the prophet Mohammad (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) said “The traders are in the option or liberties before they leave each other” (Alshanqety). Finally, the scholars agreed with the evidences and no one of them had disagreed.

The reason of allowing the trading (IbnQdamah, 1997), is that the people who are involved in trade meet their needs through exchange with someone else, as no one can produce everything one needs for consumption.

The trade is made by two main things (IbnQdamah, 1997) (Albhuty, 1994) (Gla’ahgy, 2001), the Ejab (offer) the Qabol (accept) without this things it could not make any trade. The offer and the acceptance might be by speech or by action which means without speaking or by using electronics things for example (Alsalus, 2002) e-mail or fax etc. The offer and accept might also be by what is common in the market.

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