Sample Essay

Managers within organizations often face the situations involving ethical dilemmas. In the provided case, apparent conflicts occurred as a result of running one’s business between the moral imperatives. Under the business ethics, this is a form of art said to examine the ethical principles or even the moral problems that might tend to occur as a result of running the business and hence need trying and solving such problems so that the business can be in a position to run well.

Many businesses are said to be prone to such ethical problems and a good example is the case above whereby this manager is faced with the ethical problem of one of his employees who has approached him complaining that she is HIV positive and would like assistance from the manager. So when such ethical problems occur in the business, the management issues which should be done to ensure that the employee does not loose his job or even the company does not experience less customers coming in to the business. (Adelman, 2000). So through the paper, I will try to discover some of the ethical management issues which the manager should take when faced with such a dilemma.

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