Sample Essay

Nurses should ensure that all the medical or lab equipments such as swabs used to attend swine flu related cases are disposed safely (American Heart Association, 2005).  By doing so they won’t transmit the virus through gloves as they remove them and as they wear another pair. Then nurses should not move from isolated room or handle different patients from another ward to avoid the spread.

 Nurses should also make sure they adhere to their code of ethics. They should work diligently without supervision to save lives. This will enable them to overcome nursing burnout and preserve the general tender care and cleanliness. This will ensure that H1N1 infection is kept at bay (Dogra, 2009).

Lastly, nurses should keep sheets safely stored. This makes sure that healthcare staff handling the sheets does not get H1N1 infections. This also ensures that the floor is not contaminated. It is recommended that K-pads, toilets, and pumps must be disinfected between patients and after every use and the disposable apparatus placed in specialized containers for safety disposal (Occupational Safety & Health Administration).

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