Sample Essay

To begin with environmental issues, Ozone layer has been destroyed by green house gases and the ecosystems impoverished making life not worth living on earth hence need for economic growth. The flows (conveyance of materials between storage and system part) have been interfered by human beings thus becoming a threat for human life (Grint, 2000).

For example, the flow of water from the clouds to the soils has been interfered by cutting down trees. Storage, which refers to position where the materials stay for a long or extended period has also been polluted, for instance the soil’s ph is interfered by acidic rain making its production less. It is automatic that by interfering with the flow then the storage is hampered with also. Systematic dynamic refers to approach of understanding complex system’s behavior using stock, flows and feedback loops. With such an approach environmental issues have been curbed leading to economic growth in America as sustainable economy will be achieved since the environment is taken care of. After the recent economic crisis, Washington is currently coming up with political economy which is mindful of number of people and environment a part from increasing profits and growth which is actually economic growth. It is evident here that we need economic growth to sustain our environment for continued production (Speth, 2005).

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