Sample Essay

In respect to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Shtub (1999) noted that, the technological advancement has made it possible to synchronize changes within several systems besides enabling the control of several E-Business operations across functional boundaries and trimming down the chances of losing important data by linking together several permissions and security measures into a single composition.

Through the development of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), security measures that prevent the E-Business from outside crime and insider crimes such as industrial espionage and embezzlement respectively are controlled. The ability of the ERP is a great technological product which has enabled strict internal controls of a business to put in place. However, this technology product has some limitations among them is the fact that it is very expensive, is not compatible to some firms operation in the E-Business and it is not easily flexible. These limitations of this great innovation have catalyzed its failure. However, it is expected that with time, more innovations are likely to be made to overcome these limitations.

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