Sample Essay

Enlightenment changed the way mankind viewed the world in relation to nature and reality. For instance, due to enlightenment, mankind viewed that every person was by nature, equal in virtue and self-respect and was vested with innate and unalienable rights of property, liberty and life. And therefore, the absolutism view that social order was best attained through feudal monarchy was replaced by democracy within society (Israel, 2006, p.282).

On the other hand, changed the way mankind viewed economic success. The absolute monarchy view that monopoly of trade should be restricted to a particular class of society (nobles) faded and mankind viewed capitalism, whereby economy is left to concepts of nature to reorganize itself, was the only way to economic success. In addition, the social stratification that existed before enlightenment was replaced by the view that all people are equal and deserve equal rights without insubordination, victimization or intimidation. All these imply that enlightenment abolished the absolutism views of political monarchy, economic monopoly and social stratification.

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