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Due to increased energy use, pollution of the environment through energy related waste materials has also compounded the destruction and pollution of the environment. Due to such incidences the California environmental quality act decided that all future projects must be supported with an environmental impact assessment report. If a project is deemed unsustainable then the developers are denied a permit to continue with the project until they make necessary changes.

Environmental degradation

With increased land use for developmental activities, environmental degradation has moved up to our urban areas. With acid rain on the increase our normal habitats have been greatly damaged. To mitigate this California environmental quality act required that new factories constructed near residential buildings are required to have tall exhaust towers or chimneys to ensure that the smoke emitted does not affect the local residents.

Environmental health

Issues of environmental health have also affected the students for quite some time. Due to rapid development, air quality has substantially declined; respiratory diseases like asthma have become more prevalent. In addition to this, electromagnetic fields have also led to deterioration of environmental health. Lead poisoning and the sick building syndrome have also become prevalent. Diseases associated with the degradation of the environment are a major cause of concern to the inhabitants and affect everyone. The authorities therefore have striven to take environmental health into consideration when making legislation. There have been several factors that have been attributed to the decline of the environmental health and measures have been set in place to address them.

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