Sample Essay

One Mr. Charles baron has also argued that since the traditional methods that are used in American education system have failed to retain black Americans in school, it is only fair to try other methods such as the integration of Ebonics in classroom.Rossini Lippi-Green in an editorial called “endorsement of black English is not a bad thing” argue Black English has a solid historical background and therefore it should not be ignored but it should be accepted. According to her, the legitimization of Black English will make the black American children not to be ashamed of their language leading to boosting of their already hurt ego. She is of the view that the media has played the role of painting Ebonics as an inferior language to the  public by only printing articles of those are opposed to use of black English in classes and shunning the articles that support the allegation. She criticizes New York Times for discriminatively talking only about those who are against Black English

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