Sample Essay

This is not a way of demoting the head chef but in this case can be made him to be the head of another department, such as the storage department or general manager assistance that she will not be involved with handling people’s food.

This is because of not any known medicine to prompt HIV diseases at this stage. And even the direct contact with HIV carrier’s blood or other section will be infected.  So when this particular chef is left to continue handling peoples food, it will be risking people and not many customers will be in a position to come to your food palace since they are fearing been contacted with HIV disease. So when this top chef is transferred in to another department, it will be better for him and for the restaurant as well. This is one of the major conflicts which many managers have faced when they realize that one of his or her employees is suffering from HIV. But in all, these are people who should not be neglected in the many organizations he or she works in. They should not be simply fired because they are already suffering from HIV; they need to be given attention to believe that they are still part of us.

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