Sample Essay

As per scenario 1 mentioned in the case study a sudden earthquake stroked the eastern Bulistan at its east in teena, the magnitude of this earthquake was 5.00 on the Richter scale. The reports commented that about 10000 people were dead in teena resulting in wide scale destruction in the area. The remaining population of Teena settled itself in Meeta, which the area adjacent to Teena. The emergency control teams in this situation played a vital role .

Depending on the vulnerability of human life and psychology the priorities of data collection should begin initially with the shifting of the people from the affected area to safer residence. In the given case the IDPs (the Internally Displaced People) were displaced to the Meeta, but they were not displaced randomly and in humanly but they were rather shifted to make shift houses that accommodates six people at average. The reason why this fact has been given priority in data collection is that the accommodation need is specifically important whenever there is any natural disaster.

The second factor that calls immediate catering is the sanitary. As per the information contained in the case study Meeta is divided into northern and the southern regions via small river. This river fulfills the water needs of the inhabitants. Besides this these makeshifts houses are equipped with latrines that are shared among few households. The reason why this factor calls for immediate catering becomes more valid when we glance over the international standard of networking in emergency management, as it analysis the importance of the informal networking that arises during severe natural disasters .

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