Sample Essay

Scholars have identified many factors as contributing to the emergence of the Second World War. Among these include the German factor. The First World War led to the defeat of Germany. As a result Germany was forced to sign the treaty of Versailles. This treaty led to the loss ofGermanyof more than thirteen percent of its territory. In addition Germany was stripped of its numerous colonies. Additionally Germany was prohibited from annexing any more states globally. The treaty also limited the size ofGermany’s military alongside huge reparations for Germany as a nation.

These conditions did not go down well with Germany’s ambitions. With all this going on the rise of Adolf Hitler as the leader of Germany increased tensions as he revoked the treaty of Versailles and started rearming and remilitarizing Germany. The rise of the Russian civil war that led to the creation of theSoviet Unionis also viewed by many scholars as another factor that led to the emergence of the Second World War (Davies, 134-140).

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