Sample Essay

In many countries especially in the developing world rapid urbanization has led to the emergence of slums. As a result the legislative intent of the act was also geared towards the avoidance of the creation of slums within the state.  Thus both private developers and government agencies were supposed to ensure that in their plans they were supposed to cater for people from different income groups so as to avoid the emergence of slums. The council encouraged the development of affordable housing and offered incentives to housing developers who were interested in undertaking projects targeted at low income families.

The emergence of slums has been attributed to economic inequality and since the government has the responsibility of planning, there has been a deliberate effort to plan and provide affordable housing so that slums do not emerge. The legislature has therefore undertaken the formulation of laws that prohibit the rapid development of unplanned or poorly planned settlements. Public administrators at all levels of government are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the planning laws are adhered to by housing developers.

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