Sample Essay

Convection No. 182 of the ILO was created to eliminate the worst forms of child labor. WithinIndiaitself Bonded Labor system Act abolished all forms of bonded labor. It later passed addition registration restricting use of children in the workforce. Later in 1986 Child Labor Act made they made provision for the prohibition and regulation of child labor. In 2006, there was introduced a total ban on servitude and any employment of children in households, hotels and any other places.In recent estimates it is estimated that inIndia’s silk industry at least 350,00 children laborer with majority of them being bonded. Bonded child laborers as defined by Human Rights watch is the case where a child works in servitude to pay off a debt owed to the employer. These children belong to destitute parents with the employers being extortionist. It therefore remains that these children workers live under harsh conditions which include mistreatment and hard labor with long working hours. The children also find it to ever have free life or any other meaningful employment as they at times remain working for all their lives without making it to clear their debts. This is done by unscrupulous employers who exceed the time of debt repayment by paying poorly or not paying at all and thus making most of these employees to live a life of slavery for all of their lives. Due to cultural and economic reasons it has been difficult for the Indian government to fight the vice more so in cases where the victims are young girls who are made to work at homes.

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