Sample Essay

Tourism which is an important industry in Canada is in a large part related to environment. In 1996, Canadians spent over eleven billion dollars to nature tourism related activities spoiled by environment (Wille and Lyrette, 2004). Smog makes it hard to enjoy wildlife and spectacular view. Wildlife is also destroyed by pollution of environment thus limiting tourism.Tourism in Canada has been affected by the environment negatively. Poor quality air has led to damage of monuments, residential and commercial buildings thus leading to increased expenditure in repairing such buildings making tourism expensive hence few people attracted.  Acid rain in Canada has led to destruction of buildings and dissolution of calcium carbonate leaving crystals after evaporation thus cracking of crystals as they grow which is a tourist site (Wille and Lyrette, 2004). Property owners are forced to increase prices of their properties due to acid rain making them to do repairs and repainting leading to lose of aesthetic painting that attracts tourists. Forests and agriculture have also been burden by poor quality of air. Loss of soil nutrients in Atlantic Canada has led to reduction in tree health and growth thus reducing tourists (Wille and Lyrette, 2004).

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