Sample Essay

Educational standard that an individual gets determines, to a great extend, the kind of life the person is likely to lead. This factor has been on the front line in shaping the hotel industry in both Nigeria and England. England is renowned for the high quality standards of education offered in most of the institutions f learning; especially the institutions of higher education. The high levels of quality education received by the English students lead to their attainment of very quality skills required in the job market. Some of the skills they attain also enable them to open and run business well as entrepreneurs (Sowell 2003; Suberu 2001, p.154).

The combination of high quality free education provided by the government and the strategic government efforts laid down to ensure creation of employment opportunities leads to the good life that the English people tend to live. This means that education creates market for the hotel industry in the country (The Business Decision Group 2009). Community schools, voluntary controlled schools, foundation schools and the voluntary aided schools in England are all planned and strategized to ensure that the learners gain both the practical and the theoretical skills that are necessary for self employment and good performance in the job sector. The existence of various levels of universities in Nigeria and lack of adequate control and regulation in the education sector by the government lead to the initiation of various levels of universities. Some degrees attained in Nigeria, were at times, being questioned due to the very short time within which the qualifications were being attained. Since education system in Nigeria does not necessary target to impart practical skills to the students at most of the levels, the skills required in the hotels have been very scarce (Ake 1996).

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