Sample Essay

Globalization has been favored in the economies where the political setting is stable. With the presidential system of government in place, the public policies of the people are well founded to be in the interest of the masses. As there is check and balances among the different arms of government, no single arm can come out with subjective interest based policy that could truncate the affect operation of business within the country. Furthermore, these governments are in support of an open economy. The governments are at the fore front in preaching the neo liberalists doctrine of free trade. This free trade doctrine provides firms in the clothing industry like Nokia, and MTV to thrive when it venture into the market. People have the choice to buy assorted products according to their taste in the market. Thus, firms like Nokia will tend to compete well given the organization’s track record and good placing in the globe where it’s well established. The management strategic operations of the companies would make it gain feet in the global markets.

On the negative side of globalization the tax required in operating business in the foreign countries is normally high. As government at different levels has tax to be charged from companies’ income.

The management should realize that the communication technology is highly modern and sophisticated to aid organization operating any country in the globe. This is coupled with many service providers for internet, company like Nokia and MTV will have ease in keeping constant touch with the parent headquarter and network of these firms organization, globally.

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