Sample Essay

Ebonics should be used in classroom because it is a rich and well developed language. Linguists feel that Ebonics should not been looked down upon for the reason it is different from Standard English. Weiss who is one of the supporters argues that Black English deserves respect and that the claim by some white American that Black English is illogical, inadequate and poorly constructed is biased and not true. John J. Rickfold who is another linguist believes that  black English is regular ,systematic and has a well developed phonology or sound system and therefore it should be viewed with respect that it deserve.

Even though some people argue that the Black English is not understandable, findings show that the Standard English speakers understand about 80% of Ebonics showing clearly that Black English understandable. So this view is biased and serves as a barrier to introduce Black English in education system thereby denying the black American children chances of studying in language they can easily understand.

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