Sample Essay

The issue of dynamism can be handy if there is an uncalled for change in the way in which operations carry on. The setback here is that not all situations are economically and rationally justifiable in their need for change. There are more implications to change than the sponsors of the change can realize. All areas directly and indirectly related to the existing structure have to be restructured which brings about discontinuity in terms of framework progress.It is therefore prudent not to effect changes every now and then just because the Military has to be dynamic but those seminal areas that need dire change should be receive an overhaul (Bowman, 2002)

Related to the need for moderate dynamism is the preparedness for any war, whether there are indicators of its happening or imagined as likely to happen. This however cannot be accurately determined meaning that continuous checks should be adopted so asĀ  not to be caught unawares for instance the North Korea attack which happened when least expected.

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