Sample Essay

The Dubai Human Resource Forum (DHRF) was started in the mid 1970`s by a group of HR managers who were driven by the desire to socialize and create networks, share information and experiences and to look for better ways of advancing their profession.

The forum invites anyone who is related to this profession and desires to pursue similar goals. Dubai Human Resource Forum (DHRF) has over 300 members distributed over 150 companies from a variety of organizations and fields in the Emirates. The DHRF is a member of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development in the UK. This forum seeks to encourage those interested in gaining professional competence in this field. Regardless of it being a forum, it was registered as a professional organization in 2002. According to Caldwell (2003) the majority of the HR professionals are based in Dubai and they work together to promote knowledge, encourage development and best practices and to create networks with fellow professionals. The annual membership fee for joining this association is 300 AED while that of students is half the normal cost. Some of the benefits of joining this association include access to the DHRF members’ area, free attendance to all standard events and discounts to conferences.

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