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Amongst the Transnational crimes, Drug trafficking is highest rated international crime problem in the world. The worldwide trade of illicit drugs is worth US$ 400 billion a year, with UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) report giving an estimate of 200 million people consumes illegal drugs worldwide (Allan 2007).Drug trafficking trade occurs globally today when narcotics are transported from producing country, then are moved to transit states and finally reach the destinations or the market. This is done by the well organized drug barons who own drug cartels that operate across the national boundaries. The cross national boundary activities involve production, processing, transport and distribution.

In drug trafficking trade as a Transnational crime poses challenges to law enforcement agencies since it is based on the complex Transnational crimes structure. This structure encompasses key producers which are the farmers who grows opium poppies, coca, and cannabis, heroin; the producers of cocaine, ATS (amphetamine-type stimulants) manufacturers  (Johnson 2007). This ones plays a primacy role in the establishment of the crime. But however the crime can not materialize without smugglers, officials who are corrupt and collide with the smugglers, distributors of the drugs such as wholesalers and small local traders embedded in our cities worldwide. While the facilitation of the transactional currency in this dealings are entirely enhanced by the accountants, banking institution and lawyers who puts a cover on the traffickers.

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