Sample Essay

The drive theory is based on the conception that human beings are born with certain structural expectations. Studies show that failure to fulfill these expectations results in a state of anxiety which is basically destructive. Ogden (2005) explains that it is because anxiety leads to tensions that have adverse effects on the emotional well being of human beings. However, when the expectations are met, the drive is then reduced and the being assumes a stable condition characterized by calmness and relaxation. Proponents of the drive theory assert that drive often increases with time (Grostein, 1981).

With regard to psychoanalysis, the theoretical construct of drives is perceived to encompass different motivations and instincts which have distinct objects. Classic examples in this regard involve the drive in the direction or life (productivity and construction) and death (destruction). To this end, it is increasingly important that the therapists understand and appreciate the drives of their patients in order to derive the best approaches that they can utilize for effective recovery. For instance, by identifying the gaps and weaknesses in the provision of the expectations, timely interventions can be undertaken to avoid adverse effects.

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