Sample Essay

The evening turn out to be an easy and relaxing Double Mint Gum event with a marching prince of love. Warm colors represent love and enjoyment scene. The lady’s head portion in the scene is slightly shown to have a red radiance that represents the buiding intensity of excitement as the lady chews Double Mint Gum. Magically, the scene moves from mere thoughts and is manifestated as a lovely evening for a refreshed lady and a lovely prince in a world of gratification.Critical visual anaysis reveals that the lady’s world transforms after chewing the gum. She at first in the company of her dog but later after chewing the mint, there is a red color of exctiment in her head. Her joyous mood as seen from the satisfied and teasing look in the lady’s face as she chews her Double Mint Gum impresses the prince. A refreshing deep breath is exquisitely represented in the warm environment judged from the look of the face of the lady. The man is smiling confidently at the presence of the lady thus concluding that chewing of Double Mint Gum brings about a strange dream of enjoyment and satisfaction. Conclusively, eye-catching advertisements have a mystical effect on the buyer’s ability to make a decision before making a purchase. Some candy products have a better market standing position than other brands due to effective marketing and advertising tools that create a fantastic visual appeal that influences the buyer’s decision to purchase.

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