Sample Essay

Diversity in work place attraction and selection process has in recent time attracted a lot of attention in the world today. Lack of diversity has been argued to be one of the major factors that can easily lead to the collapse of a company (Cox, 1991).

In a company managed by staffs that are from diverse background, location, gender professions and race, there are very good chances of the company being able to survive during turbulent times since the company can see far and wide. The ability of the company to foresee changes in the economic environment becomes easy since people who think and view things differently are involved (Ervin, 2004). This creates a pool of ideas to an extent that no unforeseen issues arise in the company.

Many companies are viewing diversity issues with a lot of weight where the attraction and selection process has been marked with a balance in terms of gender, age, minority and professions (Legge, 2004). However, the issues of diversity in a company bring challenges despite its many advantages. A workforce in a company especially in the management should be balanced in terms of the different perspectives for a company to achieve success and improve on its breadth of operation (Rosenberg, 1999).

In a global economy, it is very wrong and serious in an economic perspective for any company to waste resources (Yang, 1999). Diversity can be used as an advantage if well managed and also as a source of great wealth of knowledge. An organization can be able to get a competitive edge by ensuring that the staff skills and competencies are not wasted. This can be done by ensuring effective use of different ideas brought by any staff and giving each an opportunity to be heard.

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