Sample Essay

`Differential Association theory proposes that criminal behavior is learned in social interaction with others especially peers. Hence, a person exposed to an excess of definitions favorable to violations of the law and an absence of definitions unfavorable to social violations would be expected to be drawn to delinquent solutions to their problems.Sutherland’s differential association theory of criminal involvement can be summarized in five basic hypothesize: this include crime like any behavior. Secondly, criminal behavior is learned in intimate social interaction with those who commit crime; thirdly criminal outcomes are a function of the frequency, intensity, duration, and priority of these associations or social interactions. Fourthly, cultural conflict facilitates partly the differential association process and lastly; individual differences are only important to the extent that they impact on one’s associations. According to Sutherland, “differential association involves not only the learning of the actual techniques of crime but of motives, attitudes, drives, and rationalizations favorable to violations of the law as well”.

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