Sample Essay

Descriptive statistics or a descriptive statistic is used to express the most basic feature(s) of data that has been collected from any type of experiment. Descriptive statistics are used to draw summaries of the measures used as well as the sample used.There are times when these statistics are doctored or skewed by reporters in order to make their stories more interesting or marketable instead of the reports being accurate. This may arise from a combination of any of the following reasons; use of outdated data by reporters, failure of reporters to investigate incidences widely, lack of time to carry research thus causing reporters to fake data.

In many conflict zones around the world you will realize that information concerning casualties is never the same for various news channels. This means that some of them use dubious means of accessing data. In most cases asking one side of the warring parties about the casualties inflicted on the other side will most certainly result in biased or skewed descriptive statistics.

Descriptive statistics usually takes the following procedure to come up with. Firstly the data is collected, after this the data is classified in to different categories. Once this is done the data is summarized and then we proceed to the process of inferential statistics if we have a large data set.

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