Sample Essay

The movie revolves around the lives of people whose lives are interconnected by a drug relation although they do not see each other. The opening scene is set inMexicowhere two police officers Javier Rodriguez and Manolo Sanchez apprehend drug traffickers while in their cause of duty.

The arrest is sidelined as General Salazar interrupts and decides to hire Rodriguez to apprehend a Francisco Flores believed to be the chief hit man for a drug cartel run by the Obregon brothers. We are later to find out that Salazar is indeed aligned to a rival drug cartel later on in the movie.

On the other side of the border the new head of the president’s office of national drug control, Robert Wakefield is oblivious of the fact that his daughter is a drug addict. Her addiction later makes it hard forWakefieldto work again and he is forced to resign in order to save his daughter’s live. Although we are not shown many people taking drugs the few that are shown gives us a grotesque image of the effects of drug addiction. As a result of drug use and addiction Caroline,Wakefield’s daughter turns to theft and prostitution in order to ensure a steady supply of drugs. Although not an addict herself,Helenaturns out as a murderer in an effort to save herself as well as her family after her realization of her husband’s true profession.

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