Sample Essay

During this period democracy and liberty regarded all human beings as equal and free. This was as it was envisioned by the founding fathers of the United States of America. These principles and ideals asserted that this principles and ideals conformed to all individuals regardless of race, class and education. These ideals had been declared in the American declaration of Independence. At the time and in reality then this was only a preserve of white men. Women and the black American alike were not deemed as equal. However white American women had more rights than the Black American. These writers advocated for the abolition of slavery and women suffrage. They championed this in their literature that all man is capable of anything. Harriet Ann Jacobs in her work Life of a slave girl illustrates horrific and unfathomable treatment of the slaves by slave owners. Women slaves were the most affected experiencing sexual abuse and harassment that they went through. This is an autobiographical narrative her life. She also illustrates how slavery leads to sexual lust on the part of women. Women are forced to make love to white men and their slave master in a bid to escape slavery ( McQuade, 1998). Mary Boykin Chestnut in her diary is forthright about the negative implications of slavery. She is especially forthright on abuses on women’s sexuality and power. Chestnut confronts sexual harassment especially of white slave owners fathering children with the women that they have enslaved.

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