Sample Essay

A library can be defined as the set of news, basis, resources and other services. They are established for utilization and sustained by the public, an organization or a private body (Sibai, 1988).

In other words it can be expressed as a set of books stored and preserved for use by those who cannot afford to buy or those who prefer the already available library resources and services as it is unrealistic to buy all the books for personal use only.

In the current years libraries have adopted modern technology to provide a wide range of information from various sources and in different forms such as CDs, DVDs and tapes etc. Libraries are classified using different means such as according to the organization that maintain them or according to the form of reading materials or articles they store. In addition, they can be classified depending on the people they provide their services or the subject of the materials they provide or there is a traditional certified classification of the libraries (Ellis&Renee, 1999, p.24).

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