Sample Essay

Risk and hazards in work places pose danger to those working as well as those visiting the work premises. The management is always responsible for their safety. It follows therefore that the management should always assess and determine the various hazards and risks that are within their premises. Competent and qualified specialists should always be involved in assessing and determining the best precautions to take to be on the safe side. The employees and visitors should also be duly informed on the risks and hazards involved and the best precautions given to them so that they take caution.

It is good to note that within almost each and every organization there are hazards involved that pose danger to workers and visitors. These hazards range from materials used in building the offices to materials being used in their daily work. Caution should therefore be taken in handling of these materials with the correct and protective clothing and measures being taken to avoid exposing them to danger. This includes also giving notes indicating areas where there are risks.

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