Sample Essay

The use of cyber terrorism has been applied to further damage caused by traditional terrorist activities. The internet has facilitated communication within the terrorists or between terrorist groups, coordinate effects in the process of advancing their agenda.

The nature of crime varies with the terrorists wishes. Although many acts of cyber terrorism are more political and social, there are those that are more commercially based.

This is mostly in the form of electronic identity theft with the help of hackers. This is also the most common type of cyber terrorism. A perpetrator of identity theft can fraudulently use the personal information of a different person or group of persons without permission for his or her own selfish gain, or for committing crimes such as; carrying out espionage, migrating illegally, and even committing acts of terror.

Cyber terrorism is perpetrated in different ways. There are those terrorists who directly hack in to existing networks and enforce their activities through them. There are those terrorists who setup their own websites and use them to coordinate their activities. These two approaches require different correction and or prevention measures.

In the first case the following can be done to prevent and or insure ourselves against this form of terrorism.

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