Sample Essay

Once we are through with the basics of research plan the next step is to state the objectives of our market research. There are several ways through which the company wants to address the problem depending on how and what objectives marketer set (Kotler, Keller, 13th Ed). In another article the aspects of customer relationship management has been discussed where achieving customer satisfaction, maintaining customer loyalty and corporate image were the prime areas of the research (ProQuest).

The objective of a researcher in his studies was to see the factors of CRM that affects customer satisfaction. In our case the objective might be different; it can be the effect of price increase on the consumption of hair gel or reduction in quantity that may affect consumers’ perceived value. Selecting a research design is considered to be the most crucial step in marketing research which basically creates a pattern on which the whole research is conducted. There are several types of research such as observational research, focus group research, survey research, behavioral research and experimental research ((Kotler, Keller, 13th Ed). This step is the base for subsequent steps which is very important in the context of marketing research. Let’s take our previous example of CRM and customer satisfaction. In this article the methodology adopted by a researcher was descriptive research and survey research. This is inconsistent with the research objective i.e. we see how pertinent our adopted method is with the research objective. In our case we can conduct a survey and behavioral research to figure out consumers’ life styles, their preferred brands, consumption and disposition of a product and many other areas that may definitely help PGP to come up with a strong brand that best suits the consumers need.

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