Sample Essay

In respect to the Customer Relationship Management, the technological changes enable that while carrying out the E-Business, the clients communicate efficiently with the business without any hindrances. It ensures that the clients have all the necessary information about the goods or services and that their inquiries are responded on time. Customer Relationship Management ensures that the management to have sufficient data and lay strategies on how to manage promotions strategies to enhance sales to monitor the sales.

The technological changes that have made the smaller, medium and large enterprises to compete at an equal ground for the global market niche. Through E-Business, Andam (2004) noted that, any firm small or big, irrespective of the financial muscle can compete effectively. This has disadvantaged the bigger firms and has been an advantage to the small firms. A firm needs to have a website to reach the clients all over the world. does not have any stores in the world while Barnes &Noble have so many stores all over the world, but these firms compete for the global market equally. Despite that fact, a good strategy is imperative for success of any E-Business and some strategies employed by the traditional businesses play a crucial role for the success of E-Business. This basically means that the small and medium enterprises who engage in E-Businesses may be disadvantaged since he old economic values are still applicable in one way or another.

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