Sample Essay

Due to the current technology changes, customers are aggressively pursuing electronically based channels to buy the commodities they need. This can be attributed to the fact that they can easily obtain the necessary information concerning the commodities they need in their houses without having to travel to gather these information.

Therefore, use of websites and electronics to shop has become ,more cheaper and reliable as one can access all the information required without further costs, for instance, when a customer orders commodities through these electronics means, they are only required to give the destination they need these commodities delivered and they can still pay electronically without incurring further costs. This can be attributed to many stores and shops making these electronically channels accessible to their customers at their doorsteps in a move to attract and retain more customers in order to increase their sales hence their profits. On the other hand, due to the rising competition in the business industry and many opt to install these electronic channels as an incentive to their customers to shop with them. Secondly, many customers have these channels installed in their houses and many of them have to work in for longer hours. This makes them to choose on these channels as they are convenient, reliable and less costly compared to having a day out to shop.

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