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They both composed music that was inspired by their countrymen with Partch writing down the inflections of famous poet William Butler. Cowell on the other hand was involved with the poet John Varian who raised his interest in Irish culture and produced his stage production named “The building of Banba”.Cowell career begun in 1919 when he wrote New Musical resources which was revised in 1930. It was referred to by Conln as the influence of anything ever read in music.  On the other hand Patch wrote work based on graffiti he spotted on the rail road inCalifornia. He created and maintained his own record label as Gate 5. his greatest time came when he released his works of Delusion of the Fury that made him gain public attention.

He was introduced to the hall of fame of Percussive arts Society which was an organization promoting percussive education, performance and research.

With the interest of harmonic rhythm Cowell commissioned Leon Theremin which led to the invention of the Polytmophone which could play periodic rhythms in around 1930s. This could produce up to sixteen rhythms simultaneously.

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