Sample Essay

Correlation and dependence is basically described as one in the vast class that distinguishes statistical relationships between two or more variables. Some of them help to go as far as to describe even the physical attributes of a child with regard to those of his parents, and side by side, it also measures the relationship between the price of the product and then the relative demand of the product.

This helps towards the prediction of what is the nature of the relationship that exists between a certain number of variables that can then be exploited towards gaining maximum benefit to anyone who has a direct interest in it. For instance, an a teacher can calculate the amount of test papers that he will be required to grade in the winters as opposed to in the summers taking the level of student attendance with the changes in weather respectively.

These calculations may also be a representation of relationships that might suggest that the dependence is casual or mechanistic in nature. Although, it has been argued that statistically measuring such relationships is not always accurate and sufficient. This is due to the fact that the probability of over-looking certain factors can take place that cannot be calculated mathematically or statistically.

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