Sample Essay

Today the media is largely dependent on corporate sources of information for its fresh news. Therefore whatever the company feeds it is printed or televised. This can lead to impartial presentation as it is very rare that any negative news about the corporation is presented to viewers. It is only when the news is inevitable and has sparked public interest is when the news channels start broadcasting it. Another contrast that I found in independent media was the fact that the news was forthright and there was to circumlocution with regards to the facts at hand.

In the initial two days of the fast I found it very cumbersome to not be able to watch TV and instead log on to the internet in search of news and stories. However on the third day I came across some very interesting articles on the floods in Pakistan and I realized in absolute horror on how much I didn’t know and how lightly I was taking the situation. Moreover I felt sad about the nation who seems to be behest with quite a few problems.

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