Sample Essay

Controlling is the most involving tasks of all the four management tasks. This is because it is a four-stepped process. The controlling function involves the establishment of performance standards. These performance standards have to be in line with the company’s goals and or objectives.This stage also involves the measurement using statistical tools as well as the recording and reporting of the actual performance level of the organization or company. After this is done managers have also to make sure that they compare the two issues and depending on the outcome whether positive or negative, they have to take correction measures, or if things are not too bad they can take preventive measures to avoid the chance of the organization going out of control.

In addition to these functions the company (Airstar) needs to have a good mission statement as well as a guiding objective. The mission statement and the objectives need to be based on a clear cut leadership structure. The role of top-level managers should be well separated from the roles of middle-level managers as well as the lower level managers. In addition to this the role of casual laborers need to be reflected as being important. In addition to this it is necessary to note that just as many of air star’s competitors are outsourcing their factories mainly to Latin America andAsia, the company should also consider the pros and cons of such a move given their budget constraint.

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