Sample Essay

Although many reports indicate that the implementation of bilingual language programs in Oakland indicates that there has been a substantial improvement in performance by black children in many academic areas, critics argue that there is no statistical studies that has been conducted to prove the claim. There is no clear evidence to suggest that the improved performance of black American children has solely resulted from the use of Black English in education.Some critics also are of the view that Black English as a language is “grammatically deficient” and as such, it should not be introduced in schools because it will undermine the efforts of black children to master Standard English language. They argue that, “the blacks are seeking to lower the standard of being qualified”, by legitimizing a language that has many abusive slang in its structure.

It is also a pity that the implementation of English language in education is not also repelled by those who are supposed to be neutral in such matters. Linda Chavez who is the president of equal opportunity for example, dismisses the current efforts educational to incorporate English as an additional language in schools as an excuse by administrators to experiment on black children. She argues that teaching English will not promote the need of black American children to succeed in education. According to her,”the black American children are used as Petri dishes.”

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