Sample Essay

Religion being a very crucial aspect and feature in many people’s life in the world requires well informed and conversant journalist to ensure that they report on the news as they are rather than reporting biased news that are based on personal judgment. Therefore, I would advise the editorial board to ensure these reporters and writers are people well informed on various religious values and ethics in order to avoid conflicts and confrontation from the religious denominations they report.Secondly, the media should ensure that they avoid reporting religious news based on personal understanding and judgment rather interviewing the relevant religious authorities to understand and clarify on major issues confronting the church fraternity would be the best move. Not only to the religious denominations but also to the media houses because they will relate well with these denominations as there will be conflicts and confrontation between the two sides. Hence, the board need to be extra careful on where they get their writers as they ought to be experienced as well as well informed and the ones do not personal issues or grudge on the some religious denominations. This would make these writers and reporters become biased and prejudiced.

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