Sample Essay

Recent political upheavals in Egypt have been termed as one of the most serious threats of peace that country has enjoyed for a long time. It is until this year that the long rule by Hosni Mubarak ended when Egyptians took to the street demanding his exit. However, the turmoil never interrupted with the peace and stability if this country.

Despite the fact that such a scenario was experienced in Egypt, its position in the African community is likely to get even more stable as the transition has not yet seen any threats to the courtiers’ stability. The country is a major conflict intervener in many African states. It has been on record sending its troops under UN to peacekeeping missions across various conflict zones in Africa including the DR Congo. Unlike some powerful African states like Libya, Egypt has never been involved in proxy wars that are usually directed at destabilizing other countries perceived as competitors or unfriendly to perpetrators of such vices. Further commitment to conflict resolution was demonstrated by Egypt in 1993 when an African built mechanism for conflict prevention resolution that was drafted in an OAU meeting held in Cairo Egypt.

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