Sample Essay

In the second contribution I found myself in the doc saying, “Just as my dear friend, I remember myself in disbelief today for being in this place at such a time and also being a pastor of the day after a year of nice talk from Anthony about AA. I wish all of you watched my video. This is the place to be.” It was life breathed a fresh in me as I was cheered by the days gathering.

This meeting cannot just be complete without noting Grace’s case as she said, “no one can be arrogant and harsh as I was ten years ago before I just became a member of AA. I used to cause havoc whenever I went drunk, with a belief of war. But once I was left to such a gathering, “a totally new person” those who knew me could be heard saying.” She indicated that she was all with temper, when drunk and could easily go out of control. From the reflections one can see that each one of us went out of control and behaved as if we were insane. Being insane is truly our feeling from our talking above. One can really ponder if he/she could know us as alcoholics or insane for that matter. From the talk I found that it was easy for the members to go over the first step but the second remained a challenge, but patience was part of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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