Sample Essay

Since 1864, it was inevitable that the South were fighting a losing battle, they resulted to desperate measures, which were sign of defeat. The confederation turned to acts of terror. Below is a list of wicked deed and attempts:

  • John Porterfield began to sneak gold away into confederation at north’s expense- this was focused at ruining the north’s economy, this did not earn great fruits since he escaped to Canada when the authorities were close to cornering him
  • Blowing up things-this was carried out by Torpedo Bureau, a branch of the confederation secret service. The boat-burners were responsible for blowing boats along waterways such as Mississippi among others. This cost many lives and millions of dollars. Sultana disaster is linked with confederation forces. An ammunition depot was also blown along with General Butler’s steamer. In those occasions, many lives were lost.
  • Spreading infectious diseases in the north-, this was done by Dr. Blackburn. Among the diseases intended to be spread include yellow fever and many others. This was authorized by Davis and the diseases were to be spread by distributing infected cloths to the US textile firms.

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