Sample Essay

In approach to educational instruction to children with visual impairment (Linda, 2009) states that this preschool children do not require adaptations or/and accommodations to assist them in participating and choosing activities, rather they learn through exploring on their own or/and watching others. As a consequence, the teacher should present these children with opportunities that allow them to make choices in classrooms during either individual learning sessions or group learning. These enable the children to learn the importance of choosing wisely as they see the effect of their choices on their interactions.

When it comes to disabled children their case is different, since disabled children do not develop the ability to choose items or activities within the classroom as oppose to their “able- bodied” peers which might further be complicated depending on their complexity of disability. For instance, this occurs when the children have challenge of a combination of disability the necessary level of adaptations these children needs significantly increase, and they may fail to respond to a request as a result of their need for extended time to process incoming information. This has implication to the teacher in the sense that he or she should plan and design opportunities for learning that requires limited stimulation and specified objects especially relating to the needs of visually impaired child. Therefore, it is the task of this research paper to examine best classroom practices for effective instructions for the visually impaired children.

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