Sample Essay

Concept analysis is a term that is used in both business and finance on a regular basis. Regardless of this the term is not common to all within the disciplines since it is used to refer to or define broad and complicated business terms. Concept analysis tries to define and simplify less tangible ideas while at the same time enlightening us or shedding more light to certain technical terms that are difficult for most of us to understand.Concept analysis techniques are not limited to the social sciences. They will also be widely found and used in other disciplines like in medicine and nursing. Concept analysis usually involves the listing of the key characteristics of the idea or term which have to be there when trying to establish its concept. It has to include the examples and non examples which work to clarify the meaning. For the sake of this analysis I will choose the strategic management tools as the knowledge management term to use. The reason why I have chosen the strategic management tools is because of the fact that it is a very important aspect of the day to day running of any financial institution, but it is not commonly used by business organizations in their future growth and development plans.

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