Sample Essay

Computer network is a collection of computers and associated devices creating channels for sharing information and resources. These networking may just a typical connection made by using wires or wireless.  A wireless connection is by nature the most appropriate when the network system is to be shared in over different building within the same locality or beyond.

Wireless networking is one which wires are never used. This simply means that it uses telecommunication transmission by use of electromagnetic waves.

In this kind of networks wireless access points otherwise known as WAP is the gadget that allows wired communication devices to connect to wireless networks. As a standard measure they do so through connections to a router which has the capability to pass on data from wireless to wired devices

These connections are classified mostly as per the location that the connection covers. The common ones includes

  1. Wireless Personal Area Network – this connects devices within a relatively small area. A good example is the blue tooth which is used to connect devices within a few meters radius.
  2. Wireless LAN – these are mostly found in Wi-Fi Network connections of Microsoft windows. They link computers using microwave or laser beams. It is ideal when the network is between two buildings.
  3. Wireless MAN – This refers to wireless Metropolitan Area Network and is used to connect several Local Area Networks.

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