Sample Essay

In the education research, the quantitative methodology has had an upper hand over the qualitative research for centuries. However, during the late twentieth century, the ideology of major scholars began to shift and change. There was now a cry for an alternate approach towards the achievement of information and knowledge in the field of social sciences and education. (Guba & Lincoln, 1988).

This was because of the belief that the people that were sampled and tested and tried were treated like test subjects and not as human beings with feelings and thoughts, which were not taken into consideration that those too would amount to any consequence during the research. For, in these unnatural environments, all the ideas and understanding of human beings were ignored, which basically form a major part of their behaviour. It was argued that quantitative methods have the inclination to screen the reality of the social phenomena that is being studied. This is because they tend to disregard or underestimate the non-measurable factors, which may have the most integral contributing factor. However, at the same time the information gathered through the use of qualitative methods has its drawbacks too. Since the information through this manner did not serve its purpose in fields where one wanted to document numerical data, such as the assessment of attendance or the marking scheme, the two methods were then brought to use simultaneously to yield the maximum result and insight.

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