Sample Essay

Quantitative methods are thus research techniques that are used in the collection of quantitative data. This is information that deals with numbers and anything else that can be measured. Statistics, tables and graphs therefore become the main tools used in the presentation of the results from these methods, which also acts as a distinguishing factor from the qualitative methods.The use of qualitative and quantitative methods is dependant on where they may be appropriate as per the requirements of the subject matter in most fields such as those of the physical and biological sciences. However, the case is not the same in the social sciences category, especially the likes of psychology and sociology where it is considered that the method used becomes a topic of consternation where differences spring up from trying to recognize which one of the methods would be more beneficial in trying to gauge or calculate whatever results that may be required. Supporters of quantitative methods claim that to make social sciences become truly and wholly scientific one has to use these methods, as they provide an objective view which is a necessary element.